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AutoCAD (2D-3D)

AutoCAD (automatic computer aided software) is one of the most popular software applications used amongst the engineers, architects, interior designers etc. it si used in the civil engineering, Interior / Architectural Designing, mechanical engineering and many other industries.

Architects need this software for making diferent kind of layout as per clients requirement with complete measurement.

AutoCAD is launched by AutoDesk in 1982. It is created by Mr. Jahn Walker. Now there are lot of different tools to work in a 2D and 3D planning both.

NextGen Technology is one of best AutoCAD Training Institute in Delhi and South Delhi. We are giving this course to our students at very economical rates. We offer both 2D and 3D in AutoCAD with complete set of commands, so you learn this course deeply and do the work fastly.


Details of AutoCAD Course

S/No. TOPIC Duration Hrs.
1 Introduction, Coumputer Fundamental, History of AutoCAD  
2 Standard Tool Bars & Menus  
3 Objects Properties, Helps & Problem   
4 Opening , Saving & Closing of Files, Zoom commands & Selection Filters  
5 Co-ordinate System   
6 Construction Lines, Rays, Circle & Arcs  
7 Line, Polyline, Ellipses, Donut & Wipeout  
8 Basic Modifications- Copy, Move, Rotates & Undo  
9 Modifications- Scale, Lengthen, Stretch, Array Etc  
10 Dimensions- Linear, Aligned, Leader etc.  
11 Dimensions- Paper space & Model space  
12 Dimensions Style Creating  
13 Problems Dimensions Style Modification  
14 Create New Dimensions Style  
15 Problems/Exercises   
16 Creating & Modifying Hatch  
17 Wipeout, Revision Cloud, Creating Single Line Text & Multiline Text  
18 Modification of Single & Multiline Text etc.  
19 Problems/Exercises   
20 Creating & Editing in Mulitlines  
21 Creating Styles of Multilines  
22 Creating Blocks & Working with Blocks  
23 Editing of Blocks, Problems etc.  
24 Isometric Drawing   
25 Creating & Working with Layers   
26 Modifications of Layers  
27 Working with Object Properties   
28 Working with Surfaces  
29 Problems/Exercises   
30 Introduction to Solids & Axis System  
31 Creating Solids with Direct Modeling-Extrude, Sweep etc.  
32 Revolve, Loft & Extrude With Paths  
33 Introduction to WCS/UCS  
34 Problems/Exercises   
35 Solid Editing   
36 Solid Editing & Problems/Exercises  
37 3D Opertions- Shell, Mirror, Array, Rotate etc.  
38 Align 3D & Problems/Exercises  
39 Working With View, Viewports & Layouts   
40 Printing or Ploting  
41 Printing & Problems/Exercises  
42 Introduction to Render  
43 Creating, Working & Assigning of Materials & Landcapes etc.  
44 Problems/Exercises   
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