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Certification in PHP

NextGen Technology is one of best PHP Training Institute in Delhi and South Delhi. We are giving this course to our students at very economical rates. We offer both Core and Advance PHP with SQL Database. Student create at least one Live project in PHP with database.

Use MySQL as a data storage system on websites that require a sophisticated database facility. Participants should have basic computer literacy, including the use of application software such as word-processors, spreadsheets and/or databases and understanding of the Internet. Prior familiarity with PHP is not required, but knowledge of elementary programming concepts required by the student. Familiarity with elementary HTML is desirable

Why you should learn PHP with SQL

PHP and MySQL are the most popular open source development technologies for web development during the past decade. 

The MySQL and PHP programming language provide a powerful, free and open-source package for database driven website developer.

PHP enables web developers to build interactive, e commerce, dynamic web sites using server-side scripting techniques which is similar to or better than those offered by Microsoft's ASP or Sun Microsystems' JSP pages.

These Combinations of two technologies PHP and Mysql provide you a powerful platform for building database driven Web applications and to develop a rich modern array of features.

MySQL is the most popular open source database.



Details of AutoCAD Course

  TOPIC (Core & Advance PHP)

Introduction to PHP
PHP Installation
PHP Fundamentals
PHP .ini Configuration file
PHP Syntax
PHP Comments
Conditional Statement
Switch Statement
Function Definition
Function Scope
Function Arguments and Return Values
Sorting Arrays
Handling Multidimensional Arrays
While Loops
For Loops
Do While Loops
Foreach Loops
PHP Form
Retrieving Form Data 
Implementing PHP in HTML
Implementing HTML with PHP
Object Oriented Programming System(OOPS)
$_GET Method
$_POST Method
Difference between $_GET and $_POST
Date Function
PHP Include
PHP File
File Upload
Working with Pagination Cookies
Sending E-mail
Secure E-mail
Handling Error
Exception Handling
Try & Catch Block
Throw & Throws


Introduction to MYSQL
Creating Connection with Database
Creating DB/Table
Data Insert Query
Data Retrience Query
Data handling
Select All & Expected data
Where & Orderby clause
Delete ....

  Introduction to AJAX
Using AJAX in PHP
Working with AJAX
Introduction to Jquery
Using Jquery in PHP
Understanding Jquery Selectors and Events
Uploading Files to Web Server
  Work on Live Project
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